Products to use when styling a Mullet, Shag or Wolf Cut

Sea salt spray:

Sea salt spray all the way… this will give your hair movement and texture. No shine and very little hold for you to be able to get your hands through your hair as the day go on! This can be used in wet and dry hair… i love to give my hair a sprits half way through the day to give it a refresh in smell and texture!

styling a Mullet

Dry Wax:

This product is incredible for your longer and shorter locks to give you that finishing touch to your hair routine. More ideal for your mullets as it has a little more hold and grit. Spray it in and go as wild as you want. This will give you that messy punk look you’ve always wanted! Not sticky and no shine.

Playable Texture:

Better for your longer lengths… would recommend this to anyone with a shag. Super soft texture, low hold and low shine. Smells INCREDIBLE and great for your handbag as a hair saviour. I love to use this midway through the day just to give my hair that little bit more play and movement. Also great for your night outs to give you a soft hold, making it easy for you to get your hands through! Similar to your dry wax without the feeling of product in your hair.