Sssh…. The Hair Base Breaks Salon Norms

Sshh... The Hair Base Breaks Salon Norms

The Hair Base, is Gorleston’s haven of inclusivity and innovation, and we’re thrilled to announce two groundbreaking new services: silent appointments and mirrorless services. These offerings ensure every client enjoys a tailored and relaxing experience, redefining what a salon visit can be.

Owner Emma Jarvis said, “Fancy a surprise? Or perhaps staring at yourself for hours isn’t your thing? No problem, we can go mirrorless until the end of your appointment. Not feeling the vibe? Having a quiet day? Just let us know, and your stylist will cut the chit-chat and focus on delivering the hair essentials to give you the results you desire. Whether you prefer a quiet, peaceful appointment or find mirrors uncomfortable, we’ve got you covered.”

Why Silent and Mirrorless Appointments?

At The Hair Base, we believe everyone is unique, and our team prides itself on treating everyone that way. Our goal is to ensure every client feels comfortable and at ease in our salon. The introduction of silent and mirrorless appointments is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and personalised care.

Silent Appointments: Embrace the Peace

Emma adds, “Working in a salon, we love a good chit-chat, and some clients love coming to The Hair Base for social interactions. However, we are all different. Many of our clients work in loud environments like schools or busy offices, or maybe their home lives are hectic, so they come to the salon for some peace and quiet. Others just need a break from the daily hustle. We want everyone to feel comfortable asking for that quiet time.”

So, if you’ve had a busy day at the office, or the kids are driving you crazy at home. That’s ok, we are here for you. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to get your hair done without the need for conversation, a silent hair appointment may be just what you need. We offer silent appointments because we understand that not everyone wants to socialise while in a salon.

Clients will still receive our exceptional service and stunning results but without the small talk. Our stylists will conduct a thorough consultation before starting, provide periodic updates, and seek input at the end to ensure complete satisfaction.

Mirrorless Services: Comfort and Confidence

For clients who are neuro-diverse and may find mirrors overstimulating or those who simply don’t enjoy staring at themselves, our mirrorless services could be just what you’re looking for.

Emma explains, “Some clients have mentioned that they feel uncomfortable looking at themselves for hours, so we launched the mirrorless service. It’s a simple yet effective option to eliminate self-judgement and create a more confidence-boosting salon experience. It is also great for hairstyle transformation clients, who may enjoy a big reveal at the end of their appointment.”

Whether the entire service is done without a mirror or the mirror is covered after discussing the cut and colour, The Hair Base team are here to make clients feel comfortable and happy.

Tailored to Your Needs

Emma and the team are thrilled to provide these unique options to meet the diverse needs of our clients. “It’s really your time to zen out,” says Emma. “We look forward to providing a truly relaxing and rejuvenating salon experience tailored to YOUR preferences.”

At The Hair Base, we constantly evolve to serve our clients the best we can, making us more than just a salon. We are a sanctuary where your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. Come experience the difference with our silent and mirrorless appointments and discover a new level of relaxation and personalisation.

Visit us at to book your appointment today. Join us in breaking salon norms and embracing a more inclusive, calming salon experience.

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