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Summer is coming…YAAAAAAAY I hear you all screaming! Who is excited for some heat, days down on the beach, sitting in the garden, BBQ’s every weekend… well let me tell ya… I can’t wait.

With the sun approaching and the bright summer days coming our way, it’s only right that we too have bright summer hair to match. All you blondes out there know that with the sun approaching, those yellow tones and that dull, flat hair with no shine is also soon approaching.  You’ve now got a problem and we here at The Hair Base have the solution. I am sure you have all recently heard/seen that we have recently changed over our brands to MILKSHAKE and DAVROE.  We have all fallen in love with these products that will feed your hair giving you a soft, shiny and healthy result.

For all you blondes out there, you are in luck. We now have an array of products that we can offer you. Whether it is to keep your hair ashy/cool, have more shine or look after your hairs integrity… we have you covered.

Starting with our MILKSHAKE ICY BLONDE RANGE. This range includes a shampoo and conditioner which is going to; look after your hairs integrity by packing your hair full of proteins and moisture, it’s going to give you shine and softness too, but most off all, it’s going to keep those yellow tones at bay keeping your hair nice and cool. Not only does it do all of this… it smells like blueberries too! What more could you want from a shampoo and conditioner?

If it is pure shine and softness you are after then MILKSHAKES SWEET CAMOMILE RANGE is the one for you.  The sweetness of camomile and honey enhance the colour of blonde hair, leaving the hair incredibly soft to the touch. Camomile’s traditional properties revive the natural highlights of fair hair, leaving it shiny and luminous. Organic honey is prized for its nourishing properties, which render hair incredibly soft, silky and full of brilliant highlights. A beauty treatment that’s perfect for the summer, or to use throughout the year to revive and enhance golden and blonde highlights maintaining the hair’s moisture balance and protecting hair colour. This range includes a shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner.

If you are like me, someone that is constantly worrying about your hairs condition then this range is for you.  MILKSHAKES INTEGRITY RANGE is a much broader range which includes; shampoo, conditioner, intensive treatment, repairing hair treatment pack, incredible oil, reconstruction leave in conditioner and lastly nourishing muru muru butter. This system works by improving the hair’s health and radiance. MILKSHAKE uses Muru Muru butter along with a blend of natural ingredients to nourish, transform, restructure and restore dry and damaged hair.

Now for the 2 HERO PRODCUTS. MILKSHAKES WHIPPED CREAM LEAVE IN CONDITIONER & INCREDIBLE MILK.  I cannot begin to tell you how amazing both of these products smell. 

Starting with WHIPPED CREAM. MILKSHAKE WHIPPED CREAM is a no-rinse conditioning & protective creamy foam that is suitable for all hair types. A deep and protective leave-in formula with milk proteins that condition and restructure the hair, giving softness and manageability without weighing the hair down. Integrity 41 helps to maintain hair colour. MILKSHAKE WHIPPED CREAM Leave-In Conditioner is one of the most loved products in the MILKSHAKE hair care range. The smell and the unique way that MILKSHAKE WHIPPED CREAM leaves the bottle becomes addictive. MILKSHAKE WHIPPED CREAM has all the ingredients to make your hair look smooth, shiny and ultra soft. This MILKSHAKE WHIPPED CREAM Leave-In Conditioner is perfect for detangling the hair and brilliant as a quick wash and go conditioning treatment.  For optimal results, you should combine MILKSHAKE WHIPPED CREAM with your choice of MILKSHAKE shampoo and a weekly MILKSHAKE moisturising treatment

Now for INCREDIBLE MILK. MILKSHAKE INCREDIBLE MILK has been named as the Best Hair Treatment  in the Beauty Short List Awards and The Best Leave-In Conditioner in the Hair Magazine Awards. This beauty is the only hair fluid you will ever need!!  MILKSHAKE INCREDIBLE MILK is a best-selling leave-in spray mask that is suitable for all hair types and has 12 hair transforming properties. The clever multi-tasker protects from harmful UV rays, maintains colour, repairs all hair types, acts as a heat protector, detangles and maintains style. The miracle treatment adds maximum shine to locks, creates body and volume and controls frizz!

Incredible leave-in conditioning treatment with 12 benefits!

For instantly amazing results you need MILKSHAKE INCREDIBLE MILK

Transform your hair with a blend of natural ingredients that include organic Muru Muru.

The effects are:-

1.Repairs ALL hair types

2.Frizz Control

3.Prevents split ends

4.Heat protection

5.Long lasting hairstyle

6.Incredibly detangling

7.Magnificent shine

8.Adds Body & Volume

9.Easier Ironing

10.Protects and maintains colour

11.Protects from UV rays

12.Smoothes the cuticle

Works best when combined with the suitable shampoo and treatment for your specific hair type.

Its active ingredients are…UV filter, raspberry extract, milk proteins, mango extract, blueberry extract, organic muru muru butter, papaya extract, vitamin E.

Lastly let’s talk about some fun.  MILKSHAKES COLOUR WHIPPED CREAM. With a choice of Light Pink, Rose Brown, Light Blue, Light Grey, Intense Grey, Cold Brunette, Warm Brunette, Beige Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Red, Copper or Violet, you can now purchase these 100ml MILKSHAKE Leave In Conditioner bottles & keep your colour refreshed and beautiful in between salon visits. Each colourful foam comes with its own deliciously fruity fragrance and gives delicate, temporary tones to hair, guaranteeing condition and hydration. Great fun for those who just want a hint of colour temporarily until washed again and a Great idea when going to festivals and wanting to have something a little more daring, colourful and fun with it being easily washed out when you get home from a great time partying.

All of these products are available to purchase at the hair base either in salon or on our online shop. And if you have any questions about any of these products or any other product then feel free to reach out on all our social media platforms or speak with your stylists when you are next in salon. 

As for Davroe, well what an aesthetically pleasing brand. Its packaging is; clean, classic, simplistic and smart. But if the packaging isn’t enough for you then this information might be.  There vision is simple. Its to create the most honest and pure range of products for everyone and they do this by adhering to these 3 guiding principles.

  • Natural­ – We make every effort to ensure our products are natural, sensitive to the environment and only ever use ingredients of the highest quality.
  • Vegan – No fads or trends here, we have been vegan for more than 30 years.
  • Australian—100% proudly Australian made and owned

DAVROE  offer an array of products just like MILKSHAKE. With the senses range (shampoo and conditioner) this range includes;  moisture senses, repair senses, blonde senses, smooth senses and volume senses. They are all colour safe and will provide a healthy, shiny and soft result.

 As for styling, the list is endless but continuing with the theme of bright hair lets tell you about shine fluid and brilliance shine mist. Both incredible for a lightweight result not leaving the hair oily or flat but leaving the hair with softness and major shine… oh and a lovely little bit of glitter too. Who doesn’t love glitter?

Again all of these products are available to purchase at the hair base either in salon or on our online shop. And if you have any questions about any of these products or any other product then feel free to reach out on all our social media platforms or speak with your stylists when you are next in salon.