The Mullet

Business at the front, party at the back. The NOTORIOUS description of the mullet. Some may be thinking, mullet…isn’t that a fish, and you are not wrong but hunny I have no idea about fish so in this instance we will be talking about the mullet hairstyle! Famously worn by big names including; David Bowie, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mel Gibson and in more recent times, Miley Cyrus, Troye Sivan and Zendaya! But where did it all start you ask? Well some believe the mullet dates back to Ancient Rome and was actually known as the “Hun Cut”… I don’t know about you but I LOVE the sound of a “Hun Cut” and we should definitely start calling the mullet a “Hun Cut” again!

The mullet for me is so desirable because of its individuality. Some will have a super long mullet, some will have a super short mullet… you can do you and who gives a damn. HE, SHE, THEY, THEM…. it’s literally a shape anyone can wear! Not only is it a custom cut to each individual, it’s super low maintenance. Wake up, spray some sea salt spray and off you go! SUPER EASY TO STYLE! Another key point that makes this style so appealing is the grow out process. Unlike a bob or a pixie cut that will grow out and let’s face it… look drab, your mullet will still be looking COOL AS F*CK! That is why I just love it!!!

Shags, Mullets and Wolf Cuts

Through the years the mullet has changed slightly. It’s ever evolving really. From wearing it all slicked back Billy Ray Cyrus style to having it textured and spiky like the legend David Bowie…there really isn’t a right or wrong way to style your mullet!

 In conclusion I think everyone should have a mullet, shag, shullet, wolf cut… whatever you want to call these funky as f*ck hairstyles! They are low maintenance, customisable, individual, easy to style…the list can simply go on and on with reasons why you should be going for these funs shapes.