Fun facts about all things Shag, Mullet and Wolf Cut!

The Hair Base Salon Norfolk - shag hair style
  • The mullet provokes such strong feelings that the style has been argued over by legislators and was actually banned in Iran 2010 and forbidden in an Australian school just this march, 2021, for being untidy and non-conventional!
  •  A mullet is one of the only haircuts that can be worn by a man, woman or non-binary person!
  •  Shullet’s are now a thing…yep a shullet! It’s a cross between a mullet and shag!
  •  Mullets are super low maintenance; you don’t have to worry about your mullet growing out of shape like a traditional pixie cut or a bob! In fact, sometimes the longer you go the better! 
  •  Although people have been rocking the mullet since ancient times, dubbing the mullet as we know it today seems to have originated with the hip hop group ‘The Beastie boys’ in their 1994 song ‘mullet head’ which includes the lyric ‘cut the sides, don’t touch the back’. 
  •  The mullet is illegal in Iran and has been since 2010!
  •  Australia have a festival for mullets and had one in 2018…where there were categories such as ‘junior mullet’ and ‘best mullet of them all’. 
  •  Australia believes that the mullet originated there hence why they host a festival every year…but it in fact originated in ancient Greece it is believed!