The Vision for Davroe

The Vision for Davroe Hair Products

The vision for Davroe is simple, it’s to create the most honest and pure range of products for everyone, we do this by adhering to these three guiding principles.

  • Natural—we make every effort to ensure our products are natural, sensitive to the environment and only ever use ingredients of the highest quality.
  • Vegan—No fads or trends here, we have been vegan for more than 30 years.
  • Australian—100% proudly Australian made and owned

Davroe is run off of 30 years of passion, determination and integrity.
From humble beginnings, Mary Centofanti began her career with Dresslier (what’s now known as Davroe) as a fledgling receptionist in 1984. 23 years later, in 2007, Mary and her husband John acquired the then struggling business motivated to turn things around. Armed with a strong vision and a set of guiding principles that are steeped in passion, determination, integrity and community, they embarked on a decade long journey that has lead them to where they are today, one of Australia’s leading hair care manufacturers.

Upon acquisition of Dresslier, the parent company that was established in 1930, Mary decided to reformulate the entire Davroe salon professional range. At the time the move was seen as extremely bold and somewhat risky, yet Mary’s innovation and progressive vision has now lead to Davroe being widely regarded as the first professional hair care range to be sulphate, paraben and petrochemical free, completely cruelty free, 100% Vegan and to use pure Australian native extract.
It is Davroe’s unwavering commitment to their vision and values coupled with determination and innovation that has created their world leading, unique formula. This formula represents the highest performance, excellent value, a passionate care for our planet and deep respect for their loyal and faithful customers.
We love Davroe here at the salon. With its sleek packaging, wide range of products covering all hair types, incredible smells and phenomenal performance/results… we couldn’t be any more obsessed.

The Hair Base Salon Gorleston Norfolk - Davroe Hair Treatments Stockist Norfolk

Some of our favourites are;

Some of our favourite products are;

Emma – voluminous spray Voluminous Spray instantly creates maximum volume for all hair types by pumping up the volume so hair looks fuller and feels thicker and can be used from root to tip for a lightweight, long-lasting, natural hold and for Body Volume Texture – our super lightweight, liquid to foam volumiser.

Rachael – Brilliance shine mist

Jodie – Murray sea salt spray

Leah – Fortitude shampoo/conditioner

Shannon – Tame detangler

Shelby – Shine fluid

Adele – Body volume texture

Heidi – Formation

Fletcher – Texture clay

Harry – Ultimatum

All of these you can find either in salon or on our online shop and believe you me when I say…there are so many more products within Davroe to have a look at and choose from. We truly believe that Davroe has at least 1 product for everyone.  Click here for Davroe products.