The Hair Base Salon Norfolk Styling tips for mullets

Styling tips for Mullets, Shags and Wolf Cuts

  • A lot of the time, less is more. These styles are meant to look natural, messy and believe it or not…shaggy.
  • A diffuser will be your best friend. This allows you to leave your hair in its natural state while creating more volume and movement. Shove your hair down between your legs get that diffuser going.
  • Sea salt spray all the way… this will give your hair movement and texture. No shine and very little hold for you to be able to get your hands through your hair as the day go on! This can be used in wet and dry hair… i love to give my hair a sprits half way through the day to give it a refresh in smell and texture!
  • Playable texture/dry wax, these products are incredible for your longer locks to give you that finishing touch to your hair routine. Spray it in and go as wild as you want. This will give you that messy punk look you’ve always wanted!
  • Sometimes hairspray can give you too much hold which makes it harder for you to get your hands through your hair and punk up later on in the day… playable texture and dry wax will allow you to have hold without that crispy hairspray feeling, which in turn gives you the option to get your hands in your locks throughout the day!
  • Fuller fringes are traditionally what would work best for these styles. A lot of them start from the crown area and you would tend to wear most of the top layer of your hair forward. This creates a nice silhouette and you tend to get more texture, volume and movement when you wear your fringe like this.
  • You can always blow-dry your fringe with a round brush to give you more volume and also more control!