Frizz Free Feb

Frizz Free Feb
Frizz Free Feb
The Hair Base Salon - Gorleston Norfolk - Hair Smoothing 10
The Hair Base Salon - Gorleston Norfolk - Hair Smoothing 9

“My hair is so frizzy”, “my hair is uncontrollable”, “my hair is super dry”, these are just a few things we hear when having a consultation with our clients. Is this you? If it is then please continue reading as we have a few answers and solutions for you.

So, why is my hair frizzy?

There are a few things which have an impact on our hair causing it to be a frizzy mess but the main two influences to this problem for so many of us is a lack of moisture and the weather. Let’s start with the basics. We need to look at what we are using on our hair on a daily basis at home as this is where it all begins. A few questions you need to ask yourself;

  • Am I using professional products?
  • Am I using the right products for my hair type?
  • Is my hair getting enough moisture?

Starting your daily routine with the correct professional hair care regime is going to be the first step you need to take to get that soft silky frizz free hair. Here at The Hair Base we have an array of products which we recommend to our clients depending on their hair care needs, but when it comes to frizz there is a staple range we always go to….  KMS TAME FRIZZ.

Tame frizz can provide so much when it comes to our daily hair care routine. It is going to give you up to 100% frizz reduction, improve your hairs manageability and the Babassu oil within the products is known for restoring the hair’s elasticity and promoting smoother hair ends with less breakage. This range includes a shampoo, conditioner, intensive treatment mask, smoothing lotion and a de-frizz oil…everything you’ll need to achieve frizz free hair.

Click here to check out these products for yourself. 

The Hair Base Salon - Gorleston Norfolk - Hair Smoothing 5
The Hair Base Salon - Gorleston Norfolk - Hair Smoothing 6

Well, now you have got that beautiful frizz free hair, we had better protect that from the weather and humidity right? Well that’s where the KMS ANTI HUMIDITY SEAL comes into action. If you want a product that acts like an umbrella for your hair, shields your hair from humidity for up to 72 hours and gives you a weightless shine, then this has to be in your daily hair care routine. After all, how sad would you be leaving the house with beautiful silky frizz free hair to end up at work half an hour later with a frizzy fluffy mess? I know for sure I’d be going MAD!

Click the here to check out this product for yourself. 

Get the Salon treatment

So, now you know the things you could be doing at home to eliminate that frizz, let’s take a look at what you could be having done in the salon. Here at The Hair Base Salon we are able to offer so much more, including more intensive treatments with either a long lasting result or a permanent result.

As a Goldwell salon we are always chuffed to be able to use the incredible Kerasilk control keratin treatment which will provide great solutions for a long-lasting transformation of unmanageable and frizzy hair. Lasting 3 -5 months this super conditioning in-salon treatment will truly give you; shiny, silky, soft, colour protected, humidity protected, frizz free hair. Check it out for yourself and get booked in by clicking the link below. 

The Hair Base Salon - Gorleston Norfolk - Hair Smoothing 3
The Hair Base Salon - Gorleston Norfolk - Hair Smoothing 4

If it is a permanent result you are after then we also have that solution for you. Goldwell structure and shine. Prefect reliability for superb straightening results, extra gentleness with excellent conditioning benefits, very appealing consistency and improved fragrance for a pleasant salon experience, different strength levels customised to individual hair structures and needs and lastly, faster processing time for improved efficiency. Yep you read that right. Structure and shine has all of this to offer but most importantly let’s not forget its going to give you a permantant result of frizz free, healthy, shiny, silky soft hair. Check it out for yourself and get booked in by clicking the link below

So there you have it! Are you gonna join us in this Frizz Free Feb? We sure hope you do and we look forward to seeing more of you with soft, smooth, shiny, frizz free hair.