2023 Hair Trends

2023 is just around the corner…can you believe it??? Where has this year gone? We have got so much to look back on in 2022 with hair trends; TikTok videos circling around putting wolf cuts, mullets and shags at the forefront, celebrities like Billie Eilish and JoJo Siwa really changing up their signature looks, the balayage technique still being at the forefront of colouring… We really have had a great year of hair. Moving forward from this great year of hair ‘what are the new trends for 2023’ I hear you ask? Well I am here to answer all of your questions and get you ready for what is to come in 2023 with all the hair trends.

The Jellyfish, Butterfly and Octopus

Jellyfish Cut

2023 Cut Trends

Let’s start with the cuts that will be trending and be at the forefront of your social media in 2023. We are going to expect all things jellyfish, butterfly and octopus. Yep, you read that right… jellyfish, butterfly and octopus.

The Jellyfish – In a style some are calling the avant-garde cousin of the mullet, this cut mimics the shape of a jellyfish (hence the name) and features two blunt layers either at the front of the face or around the whole head.

While there are many interpretations of the jellyfish cut, traditionally the first outer layer is cut evenly around the head, mimicking the shape of a short bob. The inner layer can be kept long, providing a stark contrast to the bobbed outer layer of hair, or can be cut short to provide a dual bob. Some who can’t commit to a full head of stark layers have opted to cut two blunt face framing ones to replicate the style.

Butterfly Cut

2023 Hair Trends - Butterfly Cut

The Butterfly – For those who can’t bear to part with their long, luscious locks, but want to add that extra bit of dimension to their hair – butterfly layers will be just what you’re looking for. The long hairstyle of this latest season, thanks to Scandi-girl Matilda Djerf.

The butterfly cut is a heavily layered and feathered style, featuring shorter layers on the top of the head and throughout the crown. All layered lengths are blended throughout adding a heavy dose of texture and movement to the hair.

Meeting at the intersection of ‘90s-era “Rachel” (from Friends) hair and the bounce of contemporary bombshell blowouts, butterfly layers embody the essence of bygone sex appeal.

Octopus cut

The Octopus – In yet another evolution of the shag, the octopus cut combines a grown-out bob with a classic wolf-cut. Similar to the jellyfish cut, but not as stark, the octopus cut is top-heavy, but with wispy, angled layers cascading down the side of the face until the shoulders. Billie Eilish catapulted this style into the mainstream vernacular when she first showcased her platinum locks in an Instagram post last year. Since then, she’s gone a bit shorter and dyed her hair black, but is still maintaining her signature octopus locks.

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We don’t stop there with cutting trends. We are expecting to see a lot more with our colour trends as well. Burnt copper, champagne blonde, ribbon lights, rooted highlights, chocolate-y brown, natural blonde, colour blocking, and chunky highlights… you really will have a lot to choose from in all of these 2023 colour trends!

Burnt Copper

The Hair Base Gorleston Norfolk - The 2023 colour trends!

Burnt copper – This warm burnt copper has been spotted on celebs like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Tessa Thompson, and more. While copper has been trending for some time now, this season calls for a dash of cinnamon spice to the hue.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate-y Brown – Nothing says classic more than a nice glossy and warm chocolate-y brown colour. Perfect for those who want to keep things simple and classy. Easy to maintain… provides warmth, depth and shine… What more could you want???

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Champagne Blonde

Champagne Blonde – Blonde girlies this one is for you! While it’s common for people to go for darker hair colours in the wintertime, there’s no need… simply try a more champagne-coloured blonde that has a warmer feel. This has that soft kiss of gold that has a creamy beige undertone which will keep you blonde but add that depth we all desire in those winter months!

Ribbon Highlights

Ribbon lights – Add some more depth and dimension to a dark brown with “ribbon lights” another winter colour trend that we expect to be big. This technique adds a lot of shine and dimension to waves or curls!

Rooted Highlights

Rooted highlights – both blonde and brunette clients have been wanting to include their natural root colours into their highlight and balayage routine. This usually involves a shadow root to ensure a gradual blend from your root to the lighter ends. Doing this creates both dark and light tones which add to the overall dimension and depth while avoiding the washed-out look during the winter months. A major perk of rooted highlights is that it’s very low-maintenance…especially since you avoid a line of demarcation as the colour grows out.

Natural Blonde

Natural blondes – Expect to see natural-looking blonde hues take the place of the icy platinum you’ve been seeing for the past few years. Not only does this give your strands a break from bleach, but it also looks better against winter-pale skin. Not forgetting to mention… the shine it will give, the healthy hair it will give and the lower maintenance all blondes would die for!

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Colour Blocking

Colour blocking – you’ll be seeing lots of colour blocking this season. The cool girls are tapping into the early aught nostalgia by adopting a chunk of vibrancy. This trend is mostly a chunky icy platinum blonde around the face frame or in a singular quadrant for a pop of edginess and contrast against a darker colour. If you really want to go for it, forget about that icy platinum blonde and go for something a little brighter like red?

Chunky highlights

Chunky Highlights – While chunky highlights might bring you back to regrettable year 2000 hair decisions… if done properly these chunky highlights can really look incredible and be effective… it is going to give you that striking, bold and individual look! Normally applied to the parting area these foils are going to be visible. Whether it be blonde, red, copper, purple, green, yellow or any other colour you can think of these highlights are super versatile. If you want to have a statement piece then this is the one for you! Stand out and be bold with chunky highlights and face-frames…

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Well there you go… all of the 2023 colour and cut trends! What do we think? Excited? What are you going to go for??? The octopus cut with some chunky highlights? The butterfly cut with a champagne blonde? The world is your oyster and it is time to experiment. So what are you waiting for? Click the link below now and get booked in at our award winning salon! Oh wait, I forgot to mention… we won Best colour salon, best customer experience, best refurbished salon and also best salon 2022! Why wouldn’t you click the link below and get booked in? https://phorest.com/book/salons/thehairbase 

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Here’s to happy hair days in 2023!