Hair Smoothing at The Hair Base

We offer two brilliant services designed to reduce frizzy hair and give you smoother, more manageable hair that lasts for ages! The K-respect Keratin Treatment and Structure & Shine Service provide great solutions for the long-lasting transformation of unmanageable and frizzy hair..

… and they are both now available at The Hair Base.

Service one ~ Straighter Hair With Structure & Shine

A sophisticated service of straightening and care ingredients which harmonise the inner structure of the hair. Structure & Shine’s Rebond Control Complex ensures that the formula consistently penetrates the hair fibre, for an even texturising result. The integrated Amino-Oleo-Lipid-Complex infuses amino acids, KuKui Nut Oil and deeply caring IntraLipid for beautifully conditioned, shiny hair.

The benefits of Structure & Shine include:

Long-lasting straight hair structure

Further improved, brilliant shine

Fantastic anti-frizz effect

 Extra gentleness with excellent conditioning benefits

All for just £125

Subject to availability

Service Two ~ Hair Smoothing With milk_shake® K-respect Keratin Treatment

milk_shake® k-respect keratin system is the innovative keratin smoothing and anti-frizz system with precious oils from the Amazon rainforest that is suitable for all hair types.

Its special formula guarantees maximum performance to eliminate frizz and give smooth hair for longer. The treatment is safe and respects current legislation to respect the health of the hairdresser and the client.

The innovative packaging reduces the amount and volume of plastic used considerably.

We offer 4 services



  • I have curly or wavy frizzy hair
  • I want hair that straightens easily and that stays straight for longer


Straighter, fuller, shiner, restructured hair.



  • I have wavy and frizzy hair
  • I want to eliminate volume and frizz


Frizz-free hair without volume, that is easier to manage.



  • I have chemically treated, porous hair
  • I want healthier, fuller hair


Healthier, fuller and shinier hair.



  • I have curly and frizzy hair
  • I want to maintain my curls but make them more defined and reduce frizz


Frizz-free curls that are more defined and easier to manage.

From just £90

Subject to service and hair length

Frizz Free Feb
Frizz Free Feb
The Hair Base Salon - Gorleston Norfolk - Hair Smoothing 10
The Hair Base Salon - Gorleston Norfolk - Hair Smoothing 9

Google Reviews

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Adel was amazing! she took time with my hair and really paid attention to every detail. I woke up this morning with the most beautiful bouncy curls and for the first time, in a very long time, I truly loved my hair and cut. Looking forward to continuing my curly hair journey with Adel, and thank you, The Hair Base, for understanding curls.
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Lovely experience as always. Shelby has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which shows in her colours and cuts. The salon is always professional yet friendly and welcoming, I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Jub Lovely
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Great salon - really friendly workers and amazing hospitality. Free drinks and a massage chair are included; what more do you need?! I would highly recommend it to any person of any age/gender and would 100% recommend!
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Emma completely took on board exactly what I wanted and gave me reassurance as soon as i saw her cut my hair dry and flip my hair to make sure the cut was how she wanted it before proceeding. She was lovely to chat to and answered all my questions on styling that i had. She’s gave me a whole new confidence with my hair and a first positive experience with having my hair cut. The salon is so modern and stylish and offers a complete luxury experience!
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First time at the Hair Base. Jodie listened to what I wanted in relation to a restyle, and I'm really pleased with the result. An all-round lovely, relaxing experience. I'll be back.
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I can't even explain how happy I am with my hair since having my first visit to the hair base. I was made to feel so welcome, and Emma was really knowledgeable. The curly cut is the best I have ever had. Coupled with the excellent service and gorgeous salon, I have already booked again. I will definitely be a regular customer now, thank you so much!
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Can't express in words how amazing this salon is. A 40 year phobia of the hairdressers cured in an afternoon. What can I say about Adel, I feel like she performed some kind of wizardry on me, not only was my hair cut amazing I walked out the door feeling empowered and like myself again. I crept in terrified but bounced out with my head held high. Thanks Adel your an amazing woman and the best hairdresser I've ever been to.
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Shelby is not just a wonderful hairdresser and inspired colourist, but clearly a magician! I came to The Hair Base with very badly damaged post chemo hair. I couldn't bear to look at it. After Shelby worked her magic.(with a lot of consultation and care) I left the salon feeling amazing. Thank you.

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I want to keep my natural wave but calm frizzy hair

Our Anti Frizz Service would be perfect for calming the unruly frizz but keeping those beautiful waves and volume.

I have had a Keratin Straight Hair Smoothing Treatment elsewhere, can I now have a straightening service with you?

You have to wait at least 6 months before we can carry out our straightening treatment, however you can have a smoothing treatment to keep your hair frizz free.

Will my hair colour fade if I have a Hair Smoothing Treatment?

Both hair smoothing treatments can result in your hair colour fading, therefore we would recommend booking your K-respect Hair Smoothing Treatment prior to your hair colour service.

Can I still curl my hair with a hot tool after having a Hair Smoothing Treatment?

Yes, the Hair Smoothing Treatments will help to control frizz and ensure your hair is more manageable when styling with heat at home alongside heat protector.

I have thick, curly hair but love the idea of it being poker straight. Which Hair Smoothing Treatment is suitable for me?

Structure and Shine treatment will keep your hair straight and smooth and is perfect for those who dream of a sleek style.

How long will these Hair Smoothing Treatments last in my hair?

Depending on your hair and after care, the Hair Smoothing Treatments will last between 3-5 months.