5 Hairstyles Proven To Give A Youthful Appearance

A simple hair cut, new hairstyle or change in hair colour, could literally make you look 10 years younger!

At The Hair Base Salon, we have one mission, to keep our clients looking and feeling the best they can be.
There is no denying it, as a society, we’re somewhat preoccupied with cosmetically reversing time.
Whilst the onset of ageing usually starts with the skin, our hair can definitely add to the years if we’re not careful!
Salon Owner and Educator Emma, has put together her top 5 hairstyles which are proven to give a more youthful appearance!

The Lob

(AKA Long Bob)
This style has been around for ever, and there is a reason for it!
A long bob looks effortless and classic so suits a variety of women from stay at home mums who want a less fussy approach to their hair, to professional women who need a more sophisticated look for the office.
This timeless hairstyle has the added bonus of giving a more youthful appearance to the wearer.


The Hair Base Salon - Youthful hairstyles The Lob

Actress Lily Collins giving us baseline envy with her LOB

It’s all in the baseline!
let me explain, cutting off any straggly ends and creating a collarbone skimming, blunt baseline adds instant weight and thickness to the hairstyle making the hair look fuller and the wearer more youthful.
Do you have fine hair and worried it won’t look thick enough? A few discreet hair extensions can help give you the LOB of your dreams.

Soft Bangs

(I know that sounds so American doesn’t it? I really do mean a fringe!)

The Hair Base Salon - Youthful hairstyles Soft Bangs

Actress Rose Byrne shows off her stylish soft bangs

Basically, “soft bangs” refer to a long sweeping fringe, this can be styled with a middle parting or off to the side which gives the wearer the added bonus of being able to change their look around.


When cut just right, soft bangs will skim and accentuate your cheekbones and frame your face giving the illusion of a more oval face shape which is the most flattering. This can be ideal for a busy mum who perhaps has been suffering postpartum hair loss and has lots of new hair growing in, but also ideal for anyone who wants versatility with their hair styling and may want to tie their hair up regularly without having a severe look.

The Pixie Hair Cut

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but, done right…. WOW!

The Hair Base Salon - Youthful hairstyles The Pixie Hair Cut

Actress Anne Hathaway proving that a pixie cut can be showstopping!

Pulling off a youthful pixie cut is all in the hair styling.
Throw away the small round blow dry brush and curling tongs because to keep this look youthful we need to add soft choppy layers and texturising products like KMS Hairplay Dry Wax.

But how does it give the wearer a youthful appearance?

The pixie cut accentuates the wearers defining features, their cheekbones, eyes and jawline.
Showing off these features rather than hiding them behind long hair will give you your signature style, so, if you have got a defined jawline and strong cheekbones this style is for you!

Bye Bye Box Dye

Hair that is one solid flat colour can look dull and lacks dimension, which can add years to the wearer without realising. Ditching the box dye and opting for multi dimensional tones that flatter your skin tone will give a more youthful appearance.

The Hair Base Salon - Youthful hairstyles Multi Dimensional Tones

Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has multi- tonal locks with brighter pieces in just the right places

From Brondes, Caramels, Silver, Copper and every tone in between, having a personalised colour to help you reverse the signs of ageing needs to be done by a professional! Leaving your hair in the hands of an expert is the best investment you can make into your appearance.

Often, when ditching the box dye, it can be a journey which will need to be carefully mapped out so that your hair condition is remained a top priority during this process. Remember when we said that hair need thickness for a youthful appearance? Well, a good hairdresser wont compromise on the condition of your hair in order to achieve the desired colour.

To get a youth invoking hair colour which optimises your skin tone and compliments your features, complete a quick online consultation form click here

One of our colour specialists will asses the details and provide you with a plan of action, so you can make an informed decision.

Loose Waves

Whilst straight, shiny, glass like hair still has its place in our hearts, it just isn’t for everyone, on the wrong person, it can look very ageing.
For a more playful and youthful look opt for some loose waves. Whatever your hair length, from short bobs to long and layered, loose waves will add the appearance of thickness, volume and texture.

The Hair Base Salon - Youthful hairstyles Loose Waves

Actress Jessica Alba proving that loose waves add thickness and volume in the right places

To achieve this look, it’s all in the styling, we suggest a large barrel curling tong, like The Varis Curling Iron with the all important and necessary heat protection to add the waves, but be mindful to try and keep the ends of your hair out of the barrel of the tong so they stay slightly straighter. This helps give a more relaxed wave rather than a tight curl.

Blow Dry Membership

if you are a time poor professional who wants to prioritise self care with having amazing hair every day, then consider a blow dry membership, a simple and affordable solution to amazing hair, every day! 1 payment for unlimited blow dries, for an entire month!

Fancy a change but need some help? Complete a very quick online consultation and one of our team can assess your needs and look at your options. or, if you prefer you can book an appointment for a free consultation for a face to face chat.