Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

Visit The Treatment Table at The Hair Base Salon in Gorleston-on-Sea

At The Hair Base we offer an exclusive range of treatments to rid all of the concerns that you may have with your hair. Whether you’re looking for treatment to help repair damaged hair, We are proud to offer such a diverse range of hair treatments and are confident that these will take your hair to a new level of beautiful! Choose from;

Redken Express Treatments | £3.50

redken-express-tratmentsA quick-fix treatment in the form of a hair mask done at the basin to refresh your locks, with results lasting up to three washes.  

Redken Chemistry Treatments | £10.00

CHEMISTRY-TREATMENTS-redkenAn intensive treatment that puts back 100% replenishment and shine into your hair, and will last up to 20 washes. This treatment works by lifting the hairs cuticle to allow a shot of protein, moisture, softness or volume to be injected into your hair.    

PH Bonder | £20.00

PH-BONDERThe new revolutionary treatment from Redken which restores your hair to its natural PH level and improves its fibre integrity, encouraging smoothness, shine and longevity with your hair colour.      

Heatcure | £18.00

HEATCURERestore a years worth of chemical damage in just one service. This treatment works by penetrating deep through the hair’s cuticle and will give you restorative results with softness and shine to die for. 

Heatcure Deluxe |  £45.00

HEATCURE-DELUXEThe same wonderful benefits as above, but with your blowdry and Heatcure self heating treatments for you to take home included. A saving of up to £22!    

Olaplex | £20.00

OLAPLEXOlaplex is a treatment done within your colour service or done as a standalone treatment. This treatment reduces hair breakage by rebonding the broken disulphides bonds within your hairs structure, in turn ensuring your hair is much stronger than before.

Olaplex Express | £5.00

OLAPLEX-EXPRESSThe Olaplex Express treatment is a lovely top-up treatment in between your colour services, using our Olaplex step 2 to reinforce the disulphide bonds within your hair, and giving your hair added strength.

Olaplex Deluxe | £55.00

OLAPLEX-DELUXEExactly the same benefits as above, but the whole package. A stand alone treatment, blowdry, and Olaplex no. 3 to take home to keep your locks in tip top condition between salon visits. A saving of up to £19!