Hair Colour Correction

Hair Colour Correction

The Hair Base Salon in Gorleston-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth – Experts in Hair Colour Correction

If you’ve dyed your hair and it’s a big mistake, you’ll be relieved to hear that help is at hand!  Our team of highly-trained colourists are experts in hair colour correction and know exactly how to restore your hair to a healthy condition and beautiful colour.

Although it’s tempting, a quick fix for hair colour disasters can sometimes make the situation worse. It’s important to seek the advice of professionals, so come in as soon as you can for a free consultation at our salon in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth. 

Our experts will assess the damage to your hair and discuss your options, and together we can work out a plan of action to correct your hair colour and improve its appearance.  We use premium quality Redken products, designed to address uneven hair tones and leave your hair in great condition.  Our colour correction service could be the first step to achieving your best hair colour yet!

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Please note: All new colour clients (and clients who haven’t had their hair coloured at The Hair Base for six months or more) are advised to book a complimentary consultation and a quick skin allergy test prior to their hair colour appointment.

Common Hair Colour Problems

When it comes to fixing hair colour problems, our team of colourists have wide experience.  Brassy shades, tinges of green, patchy colour or dull tones:  we’ve seen it all and know how to resolve it.  Common issues include:

My blonde hair looks too yellow!   We can correct hair colour that’s too brassy or yellow, using products to correct and neutralise yellow or orange tones.  We will assess your hair and use different techniques and colours on each section as needed to create your desired look.

My hair is dry and brittle after colouring!    Over processing hair can cause it to become dull and brittle.   The environment can also contribute to the problem, with factors ranging from minerals in your water to the sun and chlorine.    We have a range of high quality Redken products and treatments which will restore moisture to your hair and return it to a healthier condition.

Changing Your Hair Colour

If you are planning a complete hair colour transformation, it’s rarely simply a case of applying a new shade over your existing colour – the process is best left to professionals.  Book a complimentary consultation and our expert team will advise you and are able to offer a colour cleanse service if needed.  Click here for more information about hair colour services at The Hair Base in Gorleston.

Book Your Hair Colour Correction Appointment at Our Gorleston Salon

To book a complimentary colour correction consultation, click here.  Alternatively you can call the salon on 01493 441550.